Man Falsely Arrested by Force under Duress

Video contradicts Officer who denied consenting to £1000 in Gold

A front counter officer maliciously accuses man chewing gum smells of alcohol and man is told to blow into a breathalyzer


A man who visited a police station in Hertfordshire England was then Forcefully arrested for suspicion of Drink Driving, because a desk clerk reported him as she thought she could smell Alcohol.


The man showed the offices he is chewing a fresh piece of Extra Cool Breeze flavour chewing gum in his mouth.


Police repeated their requests for a him to blow into the alcohol breathalyzer, which he lawfully declined with  reasonable excuse.

A reasonable excuse could be a genuine physical or mental condition stopping you from giving a sample.


He told them he all that was now happening was under duress.


Officers then said if he did not , they would arrests him for failing to give sample.


The man informed them "I do not consent, and gave notice that this Fee Schedule for Unlawful Arrest is £1000 in Gold under common law" to which the officer PC Hopkins replies OK.


He also informed officers he has a mental health issue, which they failed to act upon which they must do.


Deputy Chief Constable Michelle Dunn said:

“There is no place in Hertfordshire Constabulary for those who exploit vulnerable people, especially when we should be there to protect and support them.”


The two officers (Heaney and Hopkins) then forced the mans arms from behind his back and restrained him in handcuffs.


He was then under arrested for failing to give alcohol breath test and taken to Hatfield Custody Station.


Sergeant Cooper (939) made himself present during the arrest, who had already been found to use inappropriate force when he assaulted the same man back in 2012. It could be that this was some attempt at revenge.

Sergeant Cooper (939) wrongful arrest assault


A man with mental helath arrested for Chewing gum was given no support even though police were told of his condition

Injuries were left his wrists red and marked from the incident.


Upon being signed in at Hatfield, a further arrest was made for driving under the influence of alcohol.


He gave two breath samples, and both times found to contain ZERO alcohol and thus not guilty of suspected offence and was released and Free to go on his lawful way.

A man with mental helath arrested for Chewing gum was given no support even though police were told of his condition


Now he will be looking to get the amount that is owed.


Fee Schedule

Without Prejudice


Unlawful Arrest If arrested under anything other than a common law offence, and from the moment of any such arrest, handcuffing, transportation, incarceration or subjection to any adjudication process without my express written and notarised consent, One Thousand Pounds Gold Coin/Hour.


We have found others who's Fee for this is 5000 per hour.


Further reading :

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Studies have shown that a driver who holds his breath before blowing into a breathalyzer will increase the BAC reading by 15.7%, while a driver who hyperventilates will decrease his BAC result by 10.6%. That is a 26.3% difference.


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