Man Wrongfully Arrested for Chewing Gum

PC Hopkins makes arrest

A popular Brand of Chewing gum gets man arrested because a Desk clerk thought it was alcohol


A man who visited a police station in Hertfordshire England was then Forcefully arrested for suspicion of Drink Driving, because a desk clerk reported him as she thought she could smell Alcohol. (fabricating reasons for detaining people or drivers to justify arrests.)


The man showed the officers he is chewing a fresh piece of Cool Breeze flavour chewing gum in his mouth.

Earlier he had eaten an egg toasty earlier and so chewing gum after a meal helps good hygiene to keep the teeth clean and fresh.


Also on Trust Me I'm a doctor, tests proved chewing gum can help you stay focused for longer on tasks that require continuous monitoring such as driving.


Yet police repeated their requests for a him to blow into the alcohol Breathalyser, which he declined.


He told them this was now happening was under duress.


Officers then said if he did not provide a specimen, they would arrest him for failing to give sample.


The man declined as he knew he had not touched any alcoholic drink and this was due to the desk SRO (8622) being upset by his phone accidentally made the intercom speakers feedback.


He also informed the officers he has a mental health issue, of which he has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

But the police failed to contact an Appropriate Adult which they must do.

And they should not interviewed him about an alleged offence until he or she can be with them.


The man wanted to ask for a solicitor but felt intimidated by the false accusation from the police, and that they had already failed to act in regards to mental health..


The two officers (Heaney and Hopkins) then forced the mans arms from behind his back and restrained him in handcuffs.


He was then under arrested for failing to give alcohol breath test and taken to Hatfield Custody Station.


Sergeant Cooper (939) made himself present during the arrest, who had already been found to use inappropriate force during an assaulted on the same man back in 2012. It could be that this was some attempt at revenge.

Sergeant Cooper (939) wrongful arrest assault


A man with mental helath arrested for Chewing gum was given no support even though police were told of his condition

The handcuffs have left his wrists red and marked from the incident.


He gave two breath samples, and both times found to contain ZERO alcohol and thus not guilty of suspected offence and was released and Free to go on his lawful way.

A man with mental helath arrested for Chewing gum was given no support even though police were told of his condition


Now he will be looking to get the amount that is owed.


Wrigley's consumer care line said, there is no alcohol in the chewing gum, which also makes it Halal friendly.


They advertise to chew after a meal for up to twenty minutes increases the flow of saliva, speeding up the time that it takes for saliva to cancel out the acid. Also backed up by the American Dental Association.


They have not had any reports before that it smells like alcohol.


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