Camden Council leader mass evacuation was not planned properly

London fire: Camden Council leader mass evacuation was not planned properly Camden Council leader Ms Gould speaks with residents on the Chalcots estate (EPA)

Elderley Residents left outside to sleep over night.


At 8pm on Friday evening, up to 4,000 people – including families with newborn babies and a Second World War veteran – were told to leave their homes after fire officers said they could not guarantee the safety of the buildings.


The elderly woman said: “I am having a pop at you in a funny kind of way because I am so absolutely stressed. Why were hotels not looked at before we were all evacuated? 


“I’ve sat in a chair over here since 9 o’clock last night, I’m 72 years old. I suffer with emphysema. Now, I’m being told they can’t rehouse me because I’ve got a dog.


The woman’s daughter joined in: “I’m her daughter. She’s 72 years old and you’ve allowed her to sit in a chair with her dog and she’s stressing more for her dog than anything and you’ve allowed this to happen.”


She added: “For this long now, you’ve allowed them to live in a property that’s been dangerous.”

Ms Gould agreed that it had been “a horrible, horrible night” and said she would help find the woman a hotel.


Camden council resident told he might have to sleep on an inflatable bed in the leisure centre for 'one to two months'



Residents evacuated from Chalcots Estate tower blocks arrive at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre and Library in Camden


Yet more than 80 people have refused to leave their flats, branding the decision to evacuate as "excessive" and a "knee-jerk reaction" by the council.


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