Hostel Complaints of Mothers with Babies find Needles and human Excrement

Homeless mum forced to live in squalid hostel surrounded by drug addicts says her children are 'terrified' Desperate call for help on facebook.

Homeless mum forced to live in squalid hostel surrounded by drug addicts says her children are 'terrified'


Spotted FB wrote on social media "My cousin with her one year old baby has been put into York house, in a room next door to a mentally ill man.

I know he is very sick and has been in and out of psychiatric homes.


On my cousin's first night in the hostel, she was found there was human poo in the bath tub.


Another lady that i know who lives in the hostel, told me this week she found a needles and thinks there are a few drug addicts living in the hostel.


They continued "I am disgusted that the council are putting single men into the same accommodation as mothers with babies, and families with children.

To make things worse they are also putting mentally unstable addicts amongst them.


"I believe something needs to be done and done immediately by watford council/watford community housing trust. If a parent had their children/child living in the same property as mentally unwell or drug addicts , the social services would round immediately.

WHY are children allowed in such a risky environment by the council with no questions asked!?


Naomi Schofield wrote "Good luck people have complained about this for years and got nowhere...i was offered and refused when my baby was 3 months he is now 23 i waved the rights to council tenancy and had to go private rented for 11 years ..."


Holly Jade Buglass "they have they moved me there after I had been complaining of the conditions and how my son got so many illnesses as did all the other children living there as the conditions are awful you get so unwell living there feels like your always ill as i's just such a filthy place and unbelievable that in 2017 we still having to put people in that sort of situation"


Mark Roe met a barrage of replies when he commented, "Why not rent a property just like everyone else?"

Replies consisted of not being able to afford up front deposits, and finding a landlord who will accept a mother and child receiving benefits.


Luke Morris said "I found myself in a situation, phoned all the help lines and they all said the same thing. If i haven't got a child, or from another country or have alcohol or drug addiction, no help.

This country is clapped, all these houses being built yet English men cannot get accommodation.

All these charity's cannot help but advise, what good is the advise if it leads no where."


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