Beware Pension Cold Caller Scams start after PPI goes quiet

Beware Pension Cold Caller Scams start after PPI goes quiet

Discovering the truth after the phone call ended was a bit of a shock


The Pension audit centre said calling because of the pension crisis, and its been in the news. This was sounding legit and that it is current and important.


They wanted to book a visit for one of their experts to come review if I've ben over charged, costs that could be claimed back in a so called Government backed appeal.


I searched their phone number to check if they were legit and not a scam, since my number has been on PPI call lists, as well as accident claim lines.


In google there were various results, some on "Who called me" and "scamphone uk" were recent posts suggests to hang up.



I then looked to the footer of their website, and it said "The Pension Audit Centre is a trading style of JMR Financial". This started ringing alarm bells that they might try to sell me a pension.


The caller said they were part of Edward Bond, so I visited his website and lo and behold he also sells pension services. more alarm bells.


Now it was time for me to search the news to confirm if people are advised to get their pensions reviewed, but there wasn't anything.

Searching pension crisis only brought up US stories, so I added UK to the search query.

There was old news and the crisis was people did not have pensions, yet I already have and this made these irrelevant.


Then quite suddenly I heard a mans voice come to the phone who sounded more experienced.

He said the female caller was new, and that he could help further. I bet this guy was call monitoring all along.


He suggested that the Panorama programme had covered this important issue.

so i search that, and find a 7 Year old story back in 2010.


I told the man to remove my number from their database and not to call again, and then ended the call.


But I then find another more recent episode was going to scare me even more, and shed more light on what is REALLY happening.


On 11 July 2016 Panorama programme called "Pension Rip Offs Exposed" in which Reporter Fiona Phillips exposes how the Government's latest pension freedoms are being abused by some companies to get their hands on people's retirement pots.

She met up with victims whose retirement plans have been destroyed!!


So I was one of the lucky ones who is weary of cold callers however legit and clever the sound.


The panorama episode can be watched here


According to Watford's Richard Harrington who is the pensions minister, "The government is planning to release proposals on pension scams, reducing fees and charges, and improving transparency very soon".

his comments could spell a Queen's Speech packed with pensions proposals, with just a few weeks left of this Parliamentary session. Speaking during work and pensions questions on...


In November 2016, Philip Hammond’s first – and last – Autumn Statement that was met with almost universal approval: a crackdown on pension scams and cold-callers.

‘About time too’ seemed to be the general response, including from two former pensions ministers.


The Spectator said "This relaxation of these rules opened the door to out-and-out fraudsters, who cold-call potential customers offering a ‘free’ pensions review. Given most of us find pensions both boring and confusing, many have jumped at the chance to talk through their options with someone who purports to be an adviser. Sadly most are anything but."


Reporter Emma Simon allowed them to visit to see what happened "Instead they suggested I switch an old company pension into a private pension where charges were three times as high. There was also a £1,000 fee to process this transfer. I politely declined their offer."


Which Consumer Magazine offer how to Spot Scams

"An unsolicited call can be a sign of being contacted by a company you don't want to deal with." 

"Ask them to give you details that only that company will know, for instance your service contract details, payment details or bank account details."

"Never share your personal details with anyone you cannot validate is who they say they are." article here


The Pensions Regulator’s five steps to avoid becoming a victim of a pension scam:

  • Never give out financial or personal information to a cold caller
  • Check the credentials of the company and any advisers – who should be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Ask for a statement showing how your pension will be paid at retirement, and question who will look after your money until then
  • Speak to an adviser that is not associated with the deal you’ve been offered, for unbiased advice
  • Never be rushed into agreeing to a pension transfer.


The Government Pensionwise also has advice . How to avoid a pension scam


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