Train back on Track for commuters into London after Engineers Cleared the Landslip disaster which derailed train to hit another

Heavy Rain Landslide Derailed Train Crash in Watford Tunnel

Rail route from Watford Junction to London reopens after specialist equipment repairs landslip track


Day 2 as Orange Engineers made good progress of clearing the Train Tracks and Secure Bank over the weekend. They also repaired the railway, including replacing 50 concrete sleepers, and welded in new sections of track.


Orange Engineers with specialist equipment cleared all the slip debris off the tracks and removed the damaged trains from the tunnel.


London Midland’s managing director, Patrick Verwer, said: “I would like to apologise for the disruption over the last few days. I would also like to thank our passengers. Everyone has shown great patience and understanding while many responded to our appeal to delay journeys or take alternative routes. This made it easier for people who had no option but to use the reduced services while Network Rail colleagues repaired the track.”


The slip on the embankment at the north entrance to the tunnel was hit by a southbound train on Friday, causing some of its front wheels to come off the tracks.  Another train, which entered the tunnel heading north at the same moment, clipped the southbound train.


In the past the banks had trees on them which acted as a naturally defence against soil erosion.


These were removed and man made mesh was used instead to secure the sides, but work had not been finished and so when the torrential rain storm hit london on the 16th a landslide let rip.


Heavy Rain Landslide Derails Train at Watford Tunnel
  • London Midland train was hit by a landslide and derailed north Watford
  • It was then struck by an oncoming train during derailment in 'slow tunnel'
  • Four people - including two drivers and pregnant passenger - were injured
  • 400 passengers remain trapped on at least one of trains four hours later

The 06:19 BST service from Milton Keynes to Euston left the track at about 07:00, Network Rail said.

Torrential downpours: The landslide was caused by a night of heavy rain in the capital (Virgin Trains)
Torrential downpours: The landslide was caused by a night of heavy rain in the capital (Virgin Trains)


Engineers out at Hunton Bridge Tunnel between Watford Junction station and Kings Langley Station.

British Transport Police were called to the scene along with the East of England Ambulance Service and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Part of the train derailed and was clipped by another. Both trains remain in the tunnel after the fire service helped evacuate passengers.

Two people were treated, one for a neck injury and the other for chest pain.

A Virgin train was sent to the scene to take stranded passengers on to King's Langley, Hemel Hempstead and Milton Keynes.




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