Four people rescued after a building roof collapsed in Bushey

The video from the drone shows that the roof entirely collapsed

Drone footage shows the debris of a building that hospitalised four people rescued from the collapsed building


At around 2pm a building that had been having some renovation, will need a lot more after its roof collapsed today.


Four builders were taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.


Bushey High Street had to be cordoned off and the Health and Safety Executive has been called in.


4 people rescued from a collapsed building under renovation in the High Street. Six others walk freeCredit Lee Patridge Photo by selbyduf


Firefighters from Watford attended the scene, along with colleagues from Garston, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Potters Bar fire stations.


Lee Partridge who was driving past said "I saw a puff of dust then heard a bit of bang then it all went just after I parked up"


A drone is sent up to inspect the damage.


Gas and electrical suppliers were also called to the scene to help prevent further damage.


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