Brexit Amnesty to allow 3.6 million EU Migrants to stay in the UK

Brexit Amnesty to allow 3.6 million EU Migrants to stay in the UK
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All EU migrants living in the UK will be allowed to stay following Brexit after an amnesty for those who have not already received permanent residency rights, it has been reported.

More than 80 per cent of the 3.6 million EU citizens who currently live in the UK will already have the right to remain by the time Britain leaves the European Union, according to official research.

The Home Office has learned that five in six EU migrants could not be legally deported and those who can will be offered an amnesty and be offered the opportunity to stay, the Telegraph has reported.


After an EU citizen has lived in the UK for more than five years, they are offered permanent residency.


Once the nation has exited the EU, more than 80% will qualify for this right.

There are around 800,000 Poles living in the UK.

The second largest is the Irish with 385,000.

And in third the Germans at 300,000.



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