Watford High Street £2m improvement scheme

Watford High Street £2m improvement scheme to be closed to all vehicles

Watford Town High Street works news.


From from 8 January to the end of September 2018, the High Street will start to undergo planned works.


This is a major improvement scheme and so requires the stretches of the High Street to be closed to all vehicles for the duration of the works.


The improvements being made to two stretches of the High Street.

The first stretch is the area between Clarendon Road and Market Street, running from January to the end of May.


The second is between 102 High Street (outside Cafe Nero) and Market Street, running from June to September 2018.


This is to make the town centre more attractive and easy to get around for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as reducing noise and pollution. 


Watford High Street £2m improvement scheme to be closed to all vehicles


The work is being carried out on behalf of Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council by Murrill Construction Ltd.


Whole Sections of the Watford high Street is being uphauld.Whole Sections of the Towns high Street is being uphauled.


The works will be finished in time for the opening of the new intu extension.



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