Watford Borough Council withdrew a Parking Ticket that had been issued 'illegally' after they watched this video

Watford Borough Council withdrew a Parking Ticket that had been issued 'illegally' after they watched this video Tickets put on car without legal standing

Watford Council pursued payments on 'illegal' Parking Tickets issued.


They say " the penalty was correctly issued as the vehicle was parked obstructing a footpath and adjacent to a double yellow line, which applies from the center of the road to the back of the highway. apply's to everyone."


Yet I proved they had NO RIGHT to issue tickets on land that is not under there jurisdiction . So they tried to deceive which is a criminal offence.


When they watched this video they then add " Having reviewed my case, however, They have cancelled the penalty charge notice, on this occasion only"


Video created includes phone call to make it as abvious as possible for case.

Previous: Investigations gathered Facts to prove the private location is outside of there jurisdiction which is Private Property where vehicles have been getting penalty tickets.


To the PCN from Watford Parking Shop :
The Case: The contravention did not occur.
The PCN states Location as HempStead Road. 
Vehicles were off road (on a path) Private Property within Peace Prospect , and not on the Hempstead Road.

Is this PCN enforceable ?

I have spoken to Land Highways Officers at the council, and they confirmed it was on Peace Prospect private Land and is privately owned land. (audio video above). 

Also in the Three images from Three Major Online Maps confirm the area is peace prospect and not hempstead road.

They sent me a map, but is there own version different from the 4 main sources i have, of which one was the Environmental and road dept at the Land Highways Authority officer. 

There letter confirms there are no yellow lines on the path, and the ticket was not issued for parking on the path, the PCN is for parking on a Road. There are no signs to say no parking on path.

I asked them prove there was a contract to which money is owed. and ask for of a bill of exchange for the aforementioned amount as covered Under the Bill of Exchange Act 1882.


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