Hole in Road has kept Vicarage Road, Watford closed for too long

Vicarage Road, Watford closed all weekend due to sinkhole Barriers and metal fencing cordons off the area.

Officers have arrested a 26 year old man, of no fixed address, in connection with a number of burglaries at business premises in Hemel Hempstead.


Update 19th: Vicarage Road to re-open on Friday afternoon.

Thames Water have completed the repairs to the damaged sections of sewer pipe. The hole is currently being backfilled and the surface reinstated.


Update 16th: Speaking on Friday, the company told Emma and Steve of Watford Observer, it does not know when the road will reopen, but they expect work to take more than a week.


Thames Water say progress is slow due to the team having to use shovels instead of machinery because of power cables and gas pipes.


HCC Say Thames Water is on site in Vicarage Road, Watford. The void is probably caused by a collapsed sewer pipe.


South East Ambulance Service says "We normally have to divert during match days and normal road closures anyhow. We use the best alternatives available to us at the time as the next best course of action. Ambulance crews have not raised any issues specifically."

County Cllr Nigel Bell is frustrated over the delays that have kept an important access road for the hospital Emergency dept closed for 4 days.County Cllr Nigel Bell is frustrated over the delays that have kept an important access road for the hospital Emergency dept closed for 4 days.

He calls for urgent repairs to the hole in Vicarage Road, Watford, but feels the 24hrs of Monday have been wasted trying to chase up who is reposinsible liable for repair, Herts Highways or water works. Since there are sewer pipes under the road supsected of having caved in.

It should have been urgently prioritised as it is the main access for the Accident and emergency at Watford Hospital and I will be gtting in contact with Herts County Council again tomorrow.

Cllr Bell said: "Although it may appear ‘small’ it is much larger underground. Buses to the Hospital are being diverted and vulnerable people are being affected."

WatfordFC this weekend had a local friendly game with French Team Loreans, but only had one stand open, most of the supporters travel by foot so this has no been affected. As for the the Team players, they arrive on the Team Bus in one go.

It appears to be about 20ft deep but does go in two directions under the road, even though our camera managed to get detail.


The sinkhole spreads out underneath, we have video below


On Saturday Police diverted traffic and helping keep pedestrians safe.


Workmen in Vicarage Road, Watford, this weekend, after a sinkhole opened on the road.



Hertfordshire County Council sent workmen who used bollards to close the road, as well as secure metal fencing, and then a second set of barriers to prevent anyone getting to close.


They say the road will remained closed over the weekend.


It was only a two weeks ago that he Hospital suffered a collapse underground roof, which then left a hole on their grounds.


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