Chris Stark Interviews Verne Troyer in a Watford Arcade

Vinnie Jones on Nightly Show Verne Troyer, actor who was Mini-Me in Austin Powers films, dies aged 49

Chris Stark wants to make his own mobile chat show. He pulls in favours, twists arms and crosses fingers to meet an array of celebs, but he still has things to learn about interviewing...


UPDATE: Mini-Me actor Verne Troyer's died in April at the age of 49. His death is ruled a suicide

Following an autopsy and further tests, the Los Angeles County Coroner said he died from the effects of alcohol, and ruled his death was a suicide.


Verne Troyer, who was 2ft 8in tall, found fame in Mike Myers’ Austin Powers spy spoof movies as Mini-Me, a clone of the villain Dr Evil. The last Austin Powers film, Goldmember, was released in 2002.

But also played Griphook in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


Troyer also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK 2009 which is located in Borehamwood Hertfordshire.



Verne Troyer in a Watford Arcade

Born in Michigan, U.S. was over in the UK. Arriving on his mobility scooter, his height just 2 ft 8 in, smaller than other Dwafes says Verne.


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