Strike after rejection of junior doctors' contract

BMA Junior Doctors Strike in Watford Hertfordshire rejecting new contract 2016
  • NHS junior doctors have voted to reject the government's final offer on their new contract, despite weeks of talks to try to broker a settlement.
  • Hated health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Wednesday this week that the government will impose its dangerous new contract for junior doctors by October.
  • Prospect of further junior doctors’ strikes increases after militant medic becomes BMA interim leader.
  • BMA Junior Doctors Strike at Watford Hospital and Town centre - interview - Save our NHS UK

Hunt was responding to junior doctors’ resounding rejection of the contract. Despite the British Medical Association (BMA) not calling for rejection, 58 percent voted against on a 68 percent turnout.

Dr Ellen McCourt previously warned 'we are in it for the long haul' after doctors this week rejected new deal by 58 per cent. The contract will mean junior doctors are paid less for unsociable hours and would put lives at risk because of increased workloads and stress.

In response to the rejection vote Hunt said, "We've been left in no man's land that, if it continues, can only damage the NHS.”

But he does not want to save the NHS and has previously published a roadmap about how to privatise the health service.

“Hunt doesn’t want a contract that’s best for patients, doctors or the NHS,” said Megan Parsons, a junior doctor in Manchester. “If he did, he would be consulting us.”

Dr McCourt has previously  warned:“We are in for the long haul.

“We will continue to take industrial action as the concerns over patient safety doesn’t change and we will not be swayed on that.”

There have been six strikes so far, disrupting treatment of hundreds of thousands of patients.

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