Hertfordshire increasing demand on Future Health issues

David Law Chief Executive of Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust lays out the future roadmap of demanding challenges.


Talking at the Annual Gerneral Meeting, keeping it local and a big thank you to the staff who make a difference.


David stats lays Demanding road map to to 2018 and challenges beyond.

Population increase is welcome and says it can be handled.


Big issues on long term conditions, and services need to be designed to cope with this.

£7 out of £10 is spent on people with long term health conditions.

2/3rds of outpatients have long term conditions.


The amount of people with three or more long term conditions in 2018 is going up to 2.9 million.


Public Health England (PHE) says that unless they are tackled more effectively the NHS will become unaffordable.


It warns conditions such as type 2 diabetes and smoking-related bronchitis are a new and untreatable epidemic.


Hertfordshire trust allowing nurses to opt out of pension scheme in ‘ill-thought out move’


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