Police Sergeant and officers 'kicked and punched man then fabricated coverup evidence'

Hounslow Police Sergeant and officers 'kicked and punched man then fabricated coverup evidence'

Police sergeant Jason Moody was proven to be in gross misconduct following an incident in Hounslow High Street


Three on-duty police officers kicked and punched a man after pushing him to the floor as he made his way home from a night out, the Old Bailey heard today.


Moody and Hollman later fabricated evidence in their police notebooks to provide an excuse for what they had done, it is claimed.


Sgt Jason Moody, 40, PC Ed Griffiths, 39, and PC Carl Hollman, 31 'acted without lawful authority' when they handcuffed and arrested Joseph Kamano, jurors were told.


"But here, the prosecution case is that the behaviour or demeanor of Mr Kamano did not justify any of that or those actions by these police officers.


The jury were shown footage of the incident, which occurred just after 3am on November 23, 2013.


The officers are seen to push Mr Kamano across the road into a metal fence before he drops to the ground where, the prosecution say, he was kicked, punched in the head and sides and handcuffed.


Allegations of against Metropolitan Police officer police sergeant Jason Moody "use of excessive force" were proven to be of gross misconduct, resulting in him being sacked from the force.


Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity, use of force, duties and responsibilities, orders and instructions, and discreditable conduct

"After considering the evidence and mitigation the panel decided that PS Moody's allegations were proven as gross misconduct and the allegations against PC's Hollman and Griffiths' were proven as misconduct only.

"PS Moody was dismissed without notice.

"PC Hollman was given management advice and PC Griffiths' was issued a written warning."


Mr Kamano was left with a fractured finger as well as injuries and abrasions to other parts of his body, the jury heard.

"These injuries are not merely transient. They are there and in fact, the finger injury, he was still receiving treatment for it months later," Mr Copeland said.


The public misconduct hearing concluded on Friday (January 27).


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