Hertfordshire Police Commisioner welcomed the NEW REPORT from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary David Lloyd

The Herts Police force rating of ‘Good’ !!


The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has welcomed several reports from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary.

The inspectors looked at the leadership of the organisation and also the way the force behaves ethically.


It was graded as ‘Good’ for the “legitimacy” (ethical behaviour) strand of the inspection.


Reacting to the report, David Lloyd said:

“I’m pleased to see HMIC score Hertfordshire as a good force overall in this inspection.”


“HMIC is a useful tool for us as it provides valuable insight into our operations and structures, enabling me to hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Hertfordshire.


“This report has highlighted several areas for improvement, including in our Professional Standards Department, and I will be ensuring the Chief takes these recommendations forward.”


“Work had already begun to improve that area of the force at the point of the inspection though as this department is shared with Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire forces and I will be speaking to my fellow commissioners to ensure those issues are rectified.”


“It’s encouraging to see HMIC also commend the force’s leadership, so I expect the areas highlighted by the inspectors to be addressed quickly.”



Hertfordshire Constabulary

Hertfordshire Constabulary provides policing services to the county of Hertfordshire. The police force area covers 634 square miles in the south east of England. Although there are some areas of deprivation, Hertfordshire is generally affluent. Around 1.1 million people mainly live in the urban centres which include the city of St Albans, as well as the towns of Watford and Stevenage. The resident population is ethnically diverse, with 12 percent from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, and is increased by university students and the large numbers who visit or travel through the county each year. The transport infrastructure also includes a major rail station.

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  • Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMI): Zoë Billingham is HMI for Hertfordshire
  • HMIC region: The constabulary is in HMIC’s Eastern region


HMIC’s role in inspecting this force

HMIC independently assesses police forces and policing across activity from neighbourhood teams to serious crime and the fight against terrorism – in the public interest.

In preparing our reports, we ask the questions which citizens would ask, and publish the answers in accessible form, using our expertise to interpret the evidence. We provide authoritative information to allow the public to compare the performance of their force against others, and our evidence is used to drive improvements in the service to the public.


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