Asbestos found not to have been removed properly from Community Housing Flats

Officers have arrested a 26 year old man, of no fixed address, in connection with a number of burglaries at business premises in Hemel Hempstead.


Flats that were built in 1970's had only recently been discovered to contain Asbestos in August 2014.


This was removed one year later in May 2015 and new door Canopy replacement including removal or the old bin store cupboards were replaced by the Watford Community Housing Trust.


But the foreign company called in to do the repairs, missed an even more dangerous Asbestos in the walls.


Over the last week or so a New Team 'Vintec Laboratories provides asbestos testing services' who were called in to double check, found this other type of Asbestos.


Residents woke up not knowing what was going on, as no letters advising them of the works got to them.


The repair work was shoddy, gaps left on Tarpaulin and mismatched external hanging tiles.


In 2014 Watford Community Housing are keeping it a Secret of the type of asbestos danger in Watford Properties by not allowing residents the full details when requested.


The arrested man remains in police custody at this time.



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