Three Rivers Councillors Chris Whately-Smith and Sara Bedford control Abbots Langley Facebook group

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When we hear of injustice and power mongering behaviour on Facebook by Councillors it's just not on..


Campaigns to stop bullying on a Social network means it should social, yet councillors seem to be doing the opposite for their own psychopathy.


Both who are mentioned above and below, seem to control a Facebook group named Abbots Langley Matters, but this has to be biased because of political agendas.


Sara Bedford also appears in another story "Residents feel "misled" over housing plans after land removed from Green Belt"


The Watford Observer published these following stories.


Three Rivers District councillor David Sansom said leader Sara Bedford lied about the number of families from Three Rivers that are living in bed and breakfasts outside the district.



Councillor survives William Penn sacking call


At a meeting of Three Rivers District Council, Councillor Chris Whately-Smith survived a motion from the main Conservative opposition group calling for him to accept overall responsibility for the project’s widely reported failings and quit his prestigious cabinet role.


He added that, as a matter of principle, Councillor Whately-Smith, cabinet member for leisure, should hand back some of the expenses he had earned in the role.


Councillor Les Mead asked why accountability had not been followed at Hertfordshire County Council, where various well-publicised financial and administrative errors have been made, including the potential loss of £28 million in Icelandic banks, the overpayment of staff and possibly illegal pension fund activities – already reported by the Watford Observer.


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