A Building wrecked by fire has been closed due to Asbestos Danger

Fire Raged wrecks Building in Watford Reeds Industrial Estate Cottage Linen Building sealed off after Fire exposed Asbestos Danger in July

A building damaged by a raging Fire which wrecked the Building has been closed


Staff had still been using the office space until it was been fully closed off due to Asbestos, after the fire ripped through the Laundry building late at night in July,


Asbestos is a term for a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres. If you breathe in these fibres, they are known to damage your lungs. There are 4 main diseases associated with breathing in asbestos fibres: non-malignant pleural disease (diffuse pleural thickening and pleural plaques)


A Building wrecked by fire has been closed due to Asbestos DangerAccess Tapped off - Asbestos Danger


The fire caused major damage to the warehouse with destroyed the Asbestos roof and caused it to collapsed at Rhodes Way, just off Colonial Way.


The UK’s asbestos safety regulations and preventative measures remain weaker than in other countries with less of an asbestos problem, according to a report by risk management firm Lucion Services.

Its report says it is time for the UK to adopt the much tighter safety measures and controls for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that are already in force in other European countries.


Yet it seems not just industrial buildings are affected!!


Video of Asbestos in Housing Accommodation.


In leavesden a Block of Flats which had Asbestos removed in 2016, has yet again it has come to light that Asbestos is also inside the homes.


Following a fire in a first floor flat, Two homes had to have plasterboard removed.

The ground floor flat was water damage from fire hoses. wooden style flooring was wrecked, but the insures advised that the ceiling and concrete floor had to be removed due to asbestos risk.


Plasterboard Infected by Asbestos and bagged up.Infected Plasterboard bagged up.


The repair work was noisy and there seems to have been no prior warning to residents. Builders broke regulation by starting work at 8:30am , which is before the regulate hours.


The housing Landlord wanted the resident in the flat above to stay in his accommodation. He fell asleep and woke up an hour later vomiting and so rushed himself to hospital to be checked over.


He said "I am not the type of person to become physically sick, this must have been due to the toxic partials after smoke poured into the flat through open windows, some of which got into fabric of bedding and clothing."



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