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Police and Firecrew evacuate Watford's Hollywood Bowl Today

Police and Firecrew evacuate Watford's Hollywood Bowl Today

Eveyone was evacuated from the building


At around 1pm emergency Crews atended the Leisure Park.


Drivers were being told that part of the area was currently closed off.


Reports from those there say it was due toa sinister phone call threat of explosive device.

Unattended bags were searched as panicked staff tried to work out if the call was genuine.


Police and Firecrew closed off Watford's Hollywood Bowl Today


Staff who had been waiting away in safety over one side of the car park returned at just after 2pm. They were allowed to go back in, as police then removed the cordon.


The Watford Observer report that police believe the phone call was not a "credible threat" and have launched an investigation.


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