Imagine Watford High Street Performing Arts Shows

Oraganised by Watford Bid, Watford Palace Theatre with acts from all over the world.


K@osmos Perform Spectacular High Acrobatics Arts Show at Town Festival

K@osmos - Puja are world renowned for their stunning productions that combine the skills of theatre, circus, dance, aerial sport, architecture, engineering, multimedia and music. In this high octane show circus and bungee acrobats will perform high above the audience.

What is Puja!

Puja! was born in Argentina in 1998, making a grand entrance into urban landscapes through the use of distinct disciplines all integrated into one show, comprising:

Theatre, Circus, Dance, Vertiginous Sports, Architecture, Engineering, Multimedia and Live Music.
Since 2002, the ensemble is based in Spain and has presented its shows in festivals, fairs and tours around Europe and Latin America.

We were born from a reflection, an instinct…from the necessity to bring to life everything…..that we felt.

Through naming our act ‘Aerial Theatre’, we wish to materialize our intention to create a form of theatre……that reaches out into every direction.


Camping Delight - Performing in Watford High Street Funny Comedy Acrobatics

TinCanCompany have a unique aesthetic and razor-sharp timing. They climb the Chinese pole, walk the slack rope and breathe life into everyday objects with a daredevil, heart-warming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative with some surprising points to make.

Fast-paced and absurd circus performance, clown characters.

Camping Delight is a show created for international touring and outdoor performance to a wide range of audiences.


Laundry XL entertainment Performance

Laundry XL is a streettheatre performance by 6 women and a large pile of sheets.Six laundry ladies roam the city and tranform it into a world of white laundry. Laundry is the main ingredient for a fleeting drama that passes by. With their tight household emotions of these fanatical laundry women sometimes go a bit overboard.

The performance balances in the realm of dance, theatre and visual art. Fluttering laundry is a dancing piece of art in itself and with that Laundry XL proves there is beauty in homeliness.
When you enlarge something insignificant like laundry to extreme proportions, it suddenly becomes interesting and starts to live a life of its own.


High Aerial Acrobatics Street Performance Show in Watford 2015

A stunning outdoor aerial production inspired by Angela Carter's short story The Tiger's Bride, a re-imagining of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. Be-Loved portrays the intense emotions of first love with spectacular, physical aerial work and a visually striking set.

The foremost exponents of multi-disciplinary aerial and abseiling performance. They created an outside performance using conventional spaces in physical theatre, abseiling, dance and acrobatics.

Photos here Monday, 29 June 2015


Saurus - Close Act / Imagine Street Theatre Entertainment

A Close-Act Theatre Production in Watford high street parade palace theater street entertainment 2013


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