Hogwarts Autumn and Christmas Events 2019

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MASTER THE DARK ARTS Friday 27th September - Sunday 10th November (£45)


This year’s feature focusses on the loyal followers of the Dark Lord, the Death Eaters. 

Plus, the iconic Great Hall set will be decorated with over 100 floating pumpkins, as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The Great Hall tables will also be laden with a Hallowe’en feast of red apples, pumpkins, and cauldrons of lollipops.


In addition to this, vats of slimy troll snot, buckets of dribbling drool (of the three-headed dog variety) and pools of silvery unicorn blood will be showcased in the Tour allowing you to get hands-on and see exactly how the slime and goo was created.


Hogwarts in the Snow Saturday 16th November 2019 - Sunday 26th January 2020


The festive transformation will begin in the Great Hall, which will be lined with Christmas trees decked with golden baubles and topped with witches on miniature broomsticks. The long dining tables will be dressed as they were for seasonal feasts at Hogwarts, complete with Christmas puddings surrounded by real flames. Discover the stage decorated as it was for the iconic Yule Ball scene, as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and get a taster of this incredible set dress featuring snow-covered Christmas trees, icicles and an orchestra of magical instruments.


Dinner in the Great Hall Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th December 2019


 Each evening between 9th - 11th December, we’re inviting you to enjoy a Christmas feast on the iconic Great Hall set which will be transformed for the festive season.  with welcome drinks and canapés before taking your seat in the original Great Hall set for a two-course festive dinner*. 


After dinner, you’ll be able to explore the Studio Tour, exploring sets such as the Gryffindor common room and the Weasley kitchen, which will also be dressed as they were for festive scenes during filming. When you arrive at Platform 9 ¾ a selection of desserts will be served for you to enjoy, ahead of climbing aboard the Hogwarts Express.



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