Watford General Hospital in Hertfordshire

Vicarage Road Watford Herts WD18 0HB Vicarage Road Watford Herts WD18 0HB

No New Hospital, but concentrating on renovating the current Watford Hospital instead.


Watford General Hospital is about a 15-20 minute walk from the town centre.


For drivers, access to Watford General Hospital has changed. A new road ‘Thomas Sawyer Way’ which opened in November 2016, gives more routes in and out of the hospital.

Watford General Hospital is at the heart of the Trust’s acute emergency services – the core location for inpatient emergency care, and for all patients who need the specialist emergency facilities (such as intensive care) of a major district general hospital.


It also provides elective care for higher risk patients together with a full range of outpatient and diagnostic services.


There are approximately 600 beds and nine theatres (including one local theatre).


The Trust’s maternity service is amongst the largest in south-east England with 6000 deliveries per annum.


But those in other towns are crying out for a NEW hospital in there herts area.


A published Strategic case details why it is rejecting plans to create a new build hospital on greeenbelt land in favour of concentrating on renovating Watford Hospital.


Patients fear that their hopes for a brand new hospital for West Herts may have been already signed away, because of a deal agreed with housing developers in Watford.


Shrodells unit - Maternity Unit - A&E

Shrodells unit - Maternity Unit - A&E


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