Rickmansworth Aquadrome Nature Videos

Fly over Tour of Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Video by South Herts Photographer

Lakes and Nature Reserve, open 365 days of the year (24 hours a day) and there is no admission charge.


The Aquadrome covers 41 hectares and is home to a wide variety of facilities from wooded walks, lakes and a play area to a cafe and lush green open spaces.


As a Local Nature Reserve, it is also home to a variety of wildlife and plants and with its diverse habitats is an ideal place for walks and picnics.


This Cute Dog Caused Something to Happen in The Park

This Cute Dog Caused Something to Happen in The Park


It is often host to lots of sporting activities such as public runs, fun days and watersports.


Rickmansworth Aquadrome Bury Lake Mariners Boat Club Boats Yard


Leaflet to find out more about the Aquadrome and where it is. Aquadrome Leaflet (pdf)


Swan Lake Rickmansworth Aquadrome -The mute swan is a very large white waterbird. - Video by South Herts Photographer


If you happen to see one of the swans in danger or hurt, please contact The Swan Sanctuary on 01442 245524 or 07940 183600 with the exact location and nature of distress.


The address is Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Frogmoor Lane, WD3 1NB.

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