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At this time of year with the darker nights approaching it is important that we pay close attention to our home and vehicle security.


  • Double lock front and back entry doors when leaving the house.
  • Do not leave keys in lockable window/patio door mechanisms.
  • Do use timer switches for your lights when you are away from your home.
  • Do consider using external ‘motion sensitive’ lighting devices at the front and in particular the rear of your properties.
  • Do draw Curtains and Blinds downstairs during the day to prevent people from viewing your home.
  • Do make sure you set house alarms correctly.
  • Do not leave keys/ copies of keys to home, garage and vehicles within easy reach of entry doors to your home.
  • Do secure all your outbuildings.
  • Do not leave items of value in your car and visible to a potential criminal.
  • Do share this crime prevention advice with your neighbours, help them to protect themselves.
  • Do report any suspicious activity by persons and/or their vehicles.


David Gunn 
Police Community Support Officer 

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