Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Attend Training operation at Buncefield Oil Depot Site

Multi agency training exercise met at the Buncefield oil depot site in Hemel HempsteadCredit @Wayne on the Go

Multi agency training exercise met at the Buncefield oil depot site in Hemel Hempstead


As part of the Training that day of fire drills around the site, was also keeping up training with the New Drones which aid Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue who are part of the Hertfordshire County Council Community Protection Directorate (CPD)


Herts Fire Crew using Drones latest technology to Aid Emergency Services.

Herts Fire Crew using Drones latest technology to Aid Emergency ServicesSpecially trained remote pilots from HFRS’s technical rescue team fly the drone.


The drone is used to provide a range of services to support ALL emergency services at a large variety of incidents. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Search and rescue
  • Disaster response
  • Investigative support
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Road crashes
  • Large-scale open fires or complex structural fires
  • Large multi-agency events 


Drones have saved at least 59 people from life threatening danger. a survey of media reports


20 of those lives (38%) were saved by civilian drones using their drone to assist in a rescue scenario.


The drone can also be used reconnaissance the area for fire or people who might need rescuing.


Once a fire is out, a quick survey of the damage and confirmed from the safety of the UAV before firefighters go further.


The clear conclusion is that drones are regularly saving lives around the world.


Many Fire Fighting appliances from Across Herts and Cambridgeshire were at the event. Plus some Oil Tanker Trucks.

Photo taken outside the event prior to entering the site.


The drone helps HFRS make decisions about the best way to deal with an incident by improving the ability to see and understand what is happening from the air.



All aerial footage was acquired prior from our WL drone, and not from the drone seen operated in the video.

Drones in the UK must follow the safety guide.


Drone flight restrictions

As part of the ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’, and also as responsible drone operators, KFRS will always ensure that the drone is flown:

  • Within the line of sight of a remote pilot.
  • Below 120 metres in height.
  • At least 50 metres from people, property, vehicles and vessels HFRS is not in control of.
  • 30 metres away from people during take-off.
  • Clear of any aircraft, airports and airfields.


These form part of the CAA's Drone Code. All responsible drone users will fly within these guidelines.


Drones are the latest in new technology to join the frontline of policing


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